Just Released, My Hero Academia Season 4 is Premiering this Fall in October!



This October, My Hero Academia is all set to be released!

What is My Hero Academia all About?

A manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi is about a world where superpowers” are the norm and “Quirks” are those who do not have any superpowers. A Quirk student named Izuku Midoriya has a dream of one day becoming a hero. Even though Izuku is constantly bullied at school, Japan’s greatest hero shared his quirk with Izuku after realizing the capabilities he has. Later, he is enrolled in the most prestigious heroes training high school there is!

My Hero academia

What is the focus in Season 4?

My Hero Academia aired back in 2016 and soon in 2017 season 2 was released. Last year, the 44th issue of the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine announced that season 3 was set to release on April 2018. Soon after “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” was released last summer in theatres.

Season 4 is set to be released on October 12, 2019. This season will take off from the significant cliff hanger back in season 3, which introduced the “Big Three.”

My hero

As excitement spreads from this announcement, season 4 will follow Deku who is determined to be the strongest hero while beefing up his powers learning from a pro hero along the way.

However, fans of this popular manga show in Western countries may have to wait longer than the anticipated release date. It is unknown that popular anime streaming sites such as Crunchyroll will stream right away when aired in Japan. Moreover, due to the remarkable popularity of My Hero Academia, it is very unlikely that Western fans would have to wait too long after October 12.

One thing is for sure, My Hero Academia season 4 excitement started a little early for eager fans. A premiere presented by Funimation at the Anime Expo back on July 6, 2019, showed the first episode in season 4. While the excitement and the increased popularity over the years, fans are exhilarated for this Fall to come.

Author: Kamron Lotfi

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