Death Note The Musical is returning in January 2020!



Death Note just got even better with a live musical coming at the beginning of next year!

Fans over the years loved the perfect combination of love, murder, and fantasy. Death Note was first serialized from December 2003 to May 2006 in the manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. Soon after, the anime series composed of 37 episodes aired in Japan from October 2006 to June 2007.

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata are both the creators of the successful Death Note manga series. This live-action musical is also bringing back its main cast members. Ryota Murai is back to play as Light Yagami, and L is being performed by the singer/songwriter Fu Takahashi.

The 2020 play is set to start in Tokyo at the Toshima Arts and Culture Theater. The musical will also tour throughout Japan!

Let’s dig deeper into why this musical gained so much popularity

Anime lovers are still excited to watch the new Death Note musical despite the first musical being debuted back in April 2015. The debuted musical went on tour throughout Australia, Asian, South Korea, Aichi, Tokyo, and Osaka. The tour lasted from April to May, then from June to August with Korean cast members.

Fans and critics alike had so much to mention about the first Death Note live musical. The diverse musical soundtrack impressed the audience and left them wanting more. The tour released a concept album into the United States so English-speaking fans can get a taste.

With the popularity of this live-action musical still thriving, fans and even critics are looking even more forward for the play after the releasing of the main cast. However, during an ongoing audition, another cast member will be selected to perform with the protagonist as Light and the antagonist L.

Death Note

Main cast:

  • Ryota Murai as Light Yagami
  • Fu Takahashi as L
  • Sakura Kiryu as Misa Amane
  • Hirai Nishida as Sayu Yagami
  • Park Hye-na as Rem
  • Eiji Yokota as Ryuk
  • Kiyotaka Lmai as Souichira Yagami

What is my take on this musical?

I, for one, am incredibly excited about the 2020 Death Note musical. However, fans and I alike are already digging through the cast members and my primary concern is this, how are they going to be even better than the first Death Note musical?

Leave a comment below on what you think about this electrifying announcement! 


Author: Kamron Lotfi

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