Yu-Gi-Oh! Is coming back to TV with a new series in 2020!



Yes, one of the all-time best-selling card games will be making its next debut on TV in 2020. Are you ready, Yu-Gi-Oh! fans?

What is Yu-Gi-Oh! even about?

Written and illustrated by Kazuki Takahashi, and it was serialized between September 1996 and March 2004 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. A young boy named Yugi Mutou acquired an artifact called the Millennium Puzzle. Once Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle, an alter-ego older version of Yugi awakens.

The role-playing action-filled card game is a big hit not only in Japan but in America as well. The popularity of the manga and show fueled the fanbase need to own Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Tournaments were also formed for competitions to see who is the best card dueler in the country and even the world.

What is new for Yu-Gi-Oh 2020?

The future is turning towards 2020 for Yu-Gi-Oh! and fans are keen to know what is the new anime is about.

In Japan, Shōnen Jump went live and stated that there is a new anime being created. However, there are only a few details on what is unique about this series. We also do not know when the series will come to an end, but fans speculate that it will come to an end for some time. 

I personally am looking forward to watching the new 2020 anime. I consider myself to be a day one fan, and I can’t wait to add to my Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection. In contrast, I am not sure what new plots Kazuki Takahashi is stirring up. I hope they leave a memorable mark in the exciting adventure of dueling.

What are your thoughts on the new series coming in 2020? Leave a comment below!

Author: Kamron Lotfi

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