Reasons Why Naruto Shippuden will Never Bore you



Plot Depth
We all know perfectly well that Naruto Shippuden is super long with a mind-blowing 500 figure. Such a number is bound to make you think that the story becomes boring somewhere along the way simply due to its extraordinary length. Let me tell why it doesn’t.
Naruto shippuden is one of the only animes I’ve ever seen, and mind you I’ve seen a lot, that introduces such a deep and complex plot, all the while keeping it understandable that the viewer is completely immersed into it’s world. You are just so involved into the story and with the characters, and you’re just binging through the episodes so fast, that want there to be 500 episodes.
The Antagonists
The Antagonists Naruto Shippuden


That’s right people, the MAIN reason why Naruto Shippuden is unbelievably immersive is because none other than it’s own villains. It’s because EVERY decision taken by the villains in the story holds meaning and there is an entire history to why the this particular villain was compelled to do such a thing. That’s the thing with Naruto Shippuden it even makes you feel attached to the enemies given that some are intended to be empathized with, for e.g: Pain, and some are intended by the writers to be hated by everyone, even the fans for e.g: Danzo. Its impossible to be bored of such an anime.
Balances the Mood
Now what makes Naruto Shippuden special is that it has the ability to balance the mood, meaning not make the story too depressing nor too funny. Sure it has its intense combat, death, emotionally powerful scenes, but it never fails to find a way to blow the steam off and add something humorous and silly to lighten the mood.

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