3 Reasons why One Punch Man should be on Your Watch list




          Initially, One Punch Man was created as a web-comic and intended as nothing but a rip-off of DC comic’s Superman. It grew in popularity so much that its manga became inevitable, and so did an anime series on it. The story goes on about a world where people have superhuman abilities and live with other intelligent species, that are, monsters. Naturally monsters wreak havoc and what not, and some of the people volunteer as ‘heroes’ to protect those who fall victim to them.

Saitama also became, ‘a hero for fun.’ According to him, he worked so hard on his physical self for 3 years straight that he went bald, and attained such inexplicable and unimaginable power that no one can dare rival. He became so strong, that after a certain point, it took him nothing more than just a single old fashioned punch to overwhelm any and all enemies, which greatly depressed and bored him.

The perfect satire

                 If you’re a hardcore anime fan, i’m pretty sure you’ve already watched a lot of anime with deep story lines and super thick plots with intense action, suspense and a lot of gradual character development. If you’re looking for an anime with an all grown and developed protagonist right off the bat, this is it! So now I think you should take some time off of some of the more intense stuff, kick back, relax grab some snacks and enjoy this masterpiece which goes easy on your emotional self. And i’ll be surprised if it doesn’t make you laugh every 5 minutes.



             You must think that because OPM was never really intended for an actual anime series that it’s animation’ll be cheap. Wrong. In fact, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen after Fate/Zero’s. This is not because the animators had a high budget, but simply due to their immense faculty and hard work. The fight/action scenes are truly worth the watch



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