Original Punch Man: The Webcomic, the manga and the anime

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One Punch Man Season 2 officially ended in early July leaving us on an annoying cliffhanger. If you’re anything like me, the abrupt would have left you unsatisfied and craving more. My superpower is the ability to find out the future of an anime …. By reading the manga. But why not take it one step further, instead of just reading the manga, let’s go all the back to the original. I’m talking about One’s original Webcomic.

We’ve previously covered One Punch Man already (you can find the article here – hyperlink). In that article, we mentioned One Punch Man’s origins as a parody of DC’s Superman but one punch too big, it became an international sensation instead.

The original artwork is hilarious. Always meant as a parody, mangaka One draws it with little attention to detail or perspective. A draft at best, deliberately bad at worse, everything is a doodle and makes a great laugh when compared to the sleek, over the top, high budget anime we have now.

This first chapter, unsurprisingly, is all exposition. But as a parody of over-powered American superheroes, we get gems like this:


Unlike some more serious shonen manga which take multiple chapters of exposition to fully explain the important plot points, One Punch Man does it in couple panels of scribbled black ink. The only things you really need to know for the majority of the series is that Saitama can beat any creature, human or monster, in a single punch. Plagued by this ability, he no longer has any challenges in life (I sure wish I were him).

For those who have already watched the anime, One Punch Man does discuss later on some serious issues but as a breath of fresh air, it never takes itself too seriously. If you wonder how and why it manages to sustain this balance, read the webcomic.

Author: Cyril Ma

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