Top 5 Animes that are consider to be better than the manga

5. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best-selling manga, and its anime adaptation is among the top 20 in the history thanks to the incredible animation, faithful follow-up to the complex comic book plot and the deep development of the characters.


4. Sazae San

La dibujante japonesa Machiko Hasegawa se voló la barda con Sazae-san, y muestra de ello se puede ver con la adaptación al anime que aún, después de más de 7500 episodios, sigue en emisión. El éxito del anime más largo de la historia se debe a varios factores interesantes, y el más resaltante de ellos es el contexto que se le dio a la trama, apoyándose en los géneros Recuentos de la vida y Comedia. Además, sigue fiel a la animación hecha a mano, y para la actualidad eso le convierte en un anime único y de antaño.


3. Captain Tsubasa

One of the illustrated works that became a world icon in a short time is Captain Tsubasa, especially in his anime adaptation. The manga created by Youichi Takahashi had a fairly clear goal: to motivate the citizens of Japan to become fond of “king sport”, football, which he achieved without further effort after its animated adaptation.


2. Kuroko no Basket

Its adaptation to anime soon arrived and the story of basketball players endowed with fantastic skills was a resounding success thanks to the diversity of stories and matches full of adrenaline, some drama and of course, of prodigious plays that leave us with his mouth open.


1. Gintama

The story of the ex-samurai working as a freelancer with his other colleagues in the Edo era did not seem to be very striking, but it was his fantastic context with aliens and battles everywhere, as well as a camouflaged critique of Japanese society using satires, which caught the world’s public.


Author: Nicolle Cartagena

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