One Punch Man Webcomic Chapter 5 & 6 review: The monologue chapter

“I’m facing a big problem…My emotions are weakening day after day. In other words, I’m becoming emotionally numb. I feel no joy nor fear. I feel no excitement, no anger either. Could it be that I ended up losing something that is essential for a human being in exchange for power? Before, when I got into fights, my heart was filled with all kinds of emotions…fear, panic, anger…But now it’s not like that at all. Every fight ends after only one punch. After that, I come home unharmed and wash my gloves”.

So goes the beginning of One Punch Man Chapter 5. That’s only about half of the monologue. I’m sure that if I learned the whole thing, I’d be covered for any drama audition.

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This monologue had to come at some point, being a parody of superman taken to the absolute max, where not a single creature could put up a fight has to come with some consequences. But unlike the 2013’s Man of Steel, One Punch Man actually managed to encapsulate both the seriousness and hilarious absurdity of being too strong. It’s funnier in the manga version where there’s a lot more art. In the webcomic, we see a plant and it’s later shown that Saitama is watering it – it’s sort of poetic. In the Manga we see his super cute which drags the whole thing back down to earth.

Chapters 5-8, unlike Chapters 1-4, actually cover a lot of ground so it’s quite amazing that the anime covered all 4 chapters when just two would’ve been plenty of material. Chapters 5&6 introduces Genos the Cyborg. We find him in City Z, where Saitama lives, fighting Mosquito girl – a needlessly sexy anthropomorphic mosquito that gets her powers from having swarms of mosquitoes suck blood and give it to her….or as she says it in the webomic ‘inject the hot, sticky juices in your bellies into me’. The translator needs an award.

Genos is easily defeated by the pumped-up Mosquito girl but Saitama, who was caught in the fight, beats her with a single smack. Sensing his great power, Genos demands to become Saitama’s disciple, an offer to which Saitama confusingly agrees. After all, Saitama was only being a hero for fun – an assertion he’d continue making until the end of Season 1. Showing up at Saitama’s the next day, Genos wants to begin his training if only the flat didn’t immediately get attacked…


Next week I’ll cover the next two chapters: 7&8 (I’ve actually cheated a bit, the pic above is from Chapter 7). The enemies and plot introduced cover the entire first half of the first season and is our first real plot-arch so I want to make sure we get as much time to talk about them as possible!

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