One Punch Man Chapter 7-8 review

One Punch Man chapter 7-8

In Chapter 7, Genos shows up to Saitama’s flat and, apparently a monologue master, One gives us another 2 page monologue. Genos’ backstory is more visually comedic than viscerally exciting; that is to say, it’s simply a wall of text. Saitama, even though we had his philosophical internal monologue but two chapters ago isn’t impressed and tells Genos to ‘max 10 words’.

I agree. I also skipped it.

Then went back to read it.


Introducing Genos’ whole past, its an important plot point for anyone who was bothered to read through it (the anime animates the whole thing so you can’t lose focus). Genos is the quintessential revenge anti-hero. In under 5 words (I’ll raise you, Saitama), Genos’ whole spiel is ‘Batman but a robot’. Angry at a rogue cyborg who killed his parents, Genos becomes a cyborg himself and spends his days fighting evil in order to one day exact revenge.

No one beat him, until Mosquito Girl. Swooping in, Saitama saved him and now Genos’ path has become intertwined with one punch man, even if Saitama wants none of it.

It turns out Mosquito Girl was only a prototype but one that shouldn’t have been destroyed in a single smack from a naked, balding man. So the unnamed evil professor of the House of Evolution sends mercenaries hoping to take Saitama alive.

Obviously, this doesn’t go according to plan. Though Mecha Gorilla manages to put up a good fight against Genos’, not even Beast Man, the House’s #1 strongest creation, could beat Saitama. Especially not when Saitama uses a new move – Consecutive Normal Punches.

In Chapter 7 and 8, we not only see the series’ first plot arch on the horizon but we also see the first enemy which needs more than one punch to defeat. With continued superhero parody and melodramatic fights, I wish we had a bit more of these two chapters. In fact, there’s a little bit at the very end where the joke just works a bit better in the anime when things are more fleshed out (the very last panel of chapter 8 when Mecha Gorilla speaks – I’ll let you watch it for yourself).

Next time we’ll start looking at the 4 chapters that make up Episode 3.

Author: Cyril Ma

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