Akame Ga Kill EP 1 – Low budget potential or just poor torture?

Released in 2014, Akame Ga Kill isn’t ancient but part of it seems to want to be. Its art style is nothing too exciting, everyone is pretty good looking, there’s a bit of eye candy and just about every character could be mistaken for someone from another series. Similarly, the animation is pretty run of the mill with clear short-cuts taken such as using single image cards instead of animation intense emotion.

It’s a shame because the show’s concept is pretty interesting. The show follows Tatsumi, a boy from a village who wants to become a soldier in the national army. Naturally skilled, he hunts monsters for cash until he arrives at the capital at which the naïve country bumpkin gets swindled by the all-important big boobed anime lady who promises him success in exchange for all his money. With no money for a room he gets taken in by a rich family but in a twist of fate finds out that this family has a hobby of taking in needy strangers and torturing them for fun. How did he find out? The big boobed anime girl actually is part of an elite group of corruption combating vigilantes called Night Raid.

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Unconvinced this isn’t a cop out

It’s a nice concept. The capital city with its questionable ethics, financial and spiritual corruption, characters hiding their malice in the open are just waiting to be explored. The characters too seem interesting enough (if a little cliché and anachronistic but that’s for another review). But this first episode seemed quite weak in its execution. Now, I’ve got a weak spot for fantasy superhero stories, Akame Ga Kill has just enough interest (and fanservice) to keep me going for a few more episodes. Maybe the obvious lack of budget is a metaphor for the city’s corruption and hoarding of money away from the poor? We’ll never know but either way, let’s see how deep the mysteries of this corrupt town go.

Author: Cyril Ma

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