One Punch Man Webcomic: Chapter 9 review

Last we left off, lackeys from the House of Evolution attacked Saitama and Genos in broad daylight. Defeated, Mecha Gorilla tells the backstory of a brilliant scientist who only wanted to see humans evolve. Only earing fruits at the age of 70, he got his youth back and started experimenting on evolving animals and has finally begun to turn his sights on creating a newer, stronger, better version of humanity.

This is the third monologue we’ve had in 3 chapters and even Genos, the master of long backstories, has jumped onto the ’10 words or less boat’.


Having now reviewed almost 10 chapters of this webcomic, I’m still surprised by how this got picked up into a major anime. The art is really not that great, its not supposed to be, this chapter like many others, is visually cramped, there’s simply no space to think when you’re reading. Sometimes you get lots of detail in the drawings, sometimes you get none at all. That’s the beauty of a webcomic, but webcomics don’t usually get world class adaptations.

How many more of these are there

We’ve actually yet to see a major fight yet but if you know the anime well, you’d know that the first major fight is when Saitama battles the Asura Rhino – the crazed, bloodthirsty, uncontrollable beatle-rhino monster – in the house of evolution. Now that Mosquito Girl and Beast King have been defeated, Genos and Saitama are setting their sights on tracking down the house of evolution and the monsters that await them inside.

I swear, I might have watched the anime but I haven’t skipped ahead in the manga or the webcomic so I’m very excited to see how One, with limited webomic space, draws out the first big fight of One Punch Man.

Author: Cyril Ma

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