One Punch Man House of Evolution: Sidenote – OPM challenge

Something I missed from my last review covering chapters 9 -11 was Saitama’s origin story which has sparked numerous real-life cover challenges. So here I’d like to take a look at some irl one punch men who have truly become as fit as a superhero (but not bald).

In Chapter 10, Carnage Kabuto goes in for the kill on Saitama but fears for his life from Saitama’s aura alone. No punches, no defenses, just his presence is enough to scare of the House of Evolution’s most powerful mutant.

Saitama’s secret?

Do this even if you vomit, even if you want to die and one day, if you’re lucky, you’ll go bald. Then you’ll become strong. His story becomes a point of contention later on in the series because his routine is so ridiculous that no one believes it. The anime hasn’t fully explored it yet, but there’s more than meets the eye about Saitama’s immense power.

Either way, this simple training regime spawned the One Punch Man challenge a while ago. In May a Singaporean man called Sean Seah uploaded a video titled ‘Train Like A Superhero for 30 days’ and god was it impressive. He started off weighing 70kg but by day 30 he had lost 5kg and toned his whole body.

After the success of his first 30 days, he went onto upload a video of his full 100 day training regime. You can see his video here:

Sean doesn’t recommend starting at Saitama’s full regime (he calls that level 10) but at an easier level that your body can take but quickly moving upwards. Inspired by Sean, I myself actually tried ‘level 1’ briefly (10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats) but I didn’t do the run because I had nowhere to go where live. Considering I’m lazy and didn’t carry it on to 30 days and also never ran…at all, I didn’t quite get Sean’s massive gains, but it’s a quick, enjoyable workout that’s definitely great for toning.

Luckily, neither of us went bald.

Author: Cyril Ma

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