Greatest Anime OSTs

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop has the best soundtrack of any anime ever made. The brilliant Yoko Kanno formed a band, Seatbelts, just to make the OST for this series! Kanno is also famous for Ghost in Shell: Stand Alone Complex’s OST, another classic. (OST link)



The main theme is absolutely iconic and often played whenever Naruto was doing something really brave or cool! It’s extremely nostalgic with fans to this day. With really fast songs and also nostalgic and sad ones this OST will always have a legend status. (OST link)



The soft music of Mushishi produced by Toshio Masuda has that perfect way of lulling you to sleep in a good way.  Masuda is no stranger to using classical Japanese instruments and melodies, as this OST was heavily influenced by traditional Japanese music. (OST link)


Ghost in the Shell

One of the most iconic pieces of anime OST is Making of a Cyborg from the opening sequence of the Ghost in the Shell movie composed by Kenji Kawai. That whole opening scene has inspired many creators since. Another memorable part on the Ghost in the Shell movie OST is “See You Everyday”, which is sung in Cantonese Chinese by pop artist Fang Ka Wing. (OST link)



The FLCL OST turned The Pillows from an obscure Japanese indie rock band to a temporary household name with anime fans across the globe. This anime has a frantic OST that blends perfectly with the anime. (OST link)


Darker than Black

Darker than Black OST is filled with really moody and fast rock and jazz. The battle scenes in this adaptation are backed with incredibly exciting music that engages even more with the strange story. (OST link)


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