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Tsukiko Sagi is an introverted artist who becomes pressured to repeat her accomplishment after achieving commercial success with her previous character design “Maromi”. On the way home one night, she is attacked by a young boy wearing golden skates and wielding a bent baseball bat. The detectives that assigned to her case initially dismiss the story but soon afterward a second attack is reported. The suspect, called Lil´ Slugger is linked to numerous attacks across the city and out of these encounters is born a legend – of an uncatchable, mysterious boy who appears before you when you are having an emotional crisis.


Paranoia Agent´s director is Satoshi Kon (Millennium Actress, Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers, and Perfect Blue) and as his previous works this one is infinitely inventive, full of clever match cuts, surreal visuals, clever use of shadows, and perspective. The show has a great variety of methods to tell its story, from the realistic and grounded setting of the show’s early episodes to the strange and bizarre environments of the later episodes, to the show’s most outlandish, pop-culture, homage-heavy settings.

This show´s presentation was incredibly captivating, its various messages and themes formed a great backdrop to each of the stories, and the great cast of characters were incredibly interesting. The characters of Paranoia Agent are very compelling, and they are just as well-written within the scope of their own lives as they are within the context of the greater story. These people lives are full of details that blend to form wonderfully complicated and tragic stories.

Final Thoughts:

Anyone looking for a great psychological drama should definitely check out Paranoia Agent. The adult themes and grounded setting is perfect for mature audiences looking for something provocative. If the unconventional style of storytelling or the twisted subject matter of the show sound appealing, then it’s a must watch.

Author: Luis Vega

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