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Yo-kai Watch Announces New Series

The December issue of Shogakukan’s Coro Coro Comics magazine revealed on Friday that a new Yo-kai Watch! anime series will…

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4 most powerful Hunter x Hunter characters

Zeno Zoldyck Zeno’s power, speed, and control of Nen is unbelievable. We really get a close up of his powers…

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Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Ch 80: Tohru and Menu

A particular strength of Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’s writing is its ability to balance slice-of-life with epic storylines of planetary destruction….

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Vinland Saga’s author starts writing the final arc of the manga

The highly praised manga author Makoto Yukimura posted on Twitter that he has started drawing the fourth and final arc…

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3 Great Ongoing Isekai Manga

Takarakuji de 40-oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru Shino Kazura won 4 billion yen in the lottery, but before he…

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Random Review: Bakuman Season 1

Bakuman is a story about passion, dreams and love, but also about making manga. The story is something incredibly unique,…

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ID: INVADED reveals new trailer and debut date

The official website for the new and exciting original television anime project ID: INVADED released the show’s second trailer (watch…

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Death Stranding Game Gets Novel in Japan

The production company Shinchosha revealed that Shincho Bunko Nex is publishing a two-part novelization of the highly anticipated Kojima Productions’…

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New Pokémon anime Trailer revealed

The Twitter account for the new Pokemon anime series posted a new promotional video and also revealed a new key…