Random Review: Bakuman Season 1

Bakuman is a story about passion, dreams and love, but also about making manga. The story is something incredibly unique, the series details the ups and downs of working in the manga industry with romantic comedy on the side, if you aren’t all that interested in the behind the scenes workings of the manga world then you could have a hard time with Bakuman. It is both a story about manga industry exploration and a story of following your dreams and loves.



The first season of Bakuman follows Moritaka Mashiro the nephew of a once famed mangaka who died not long before the events of the series. Moritaka loves drawing and is recruited by fellow student Takagi Akito to make a manga, the pretense being that Takagi would write the story and Moritaka would draw it. While the centerpiece of Bakuman is its journey through the manga industry, the love story that accompanies it is given its fair share of spotlight as well. Moritaka has always had a crush on classmate Azuki and once he discovers her goal of becoming a voice actress, he vows that his manga will become an anime and that she will voice the lead in it. To top that off he then essentially proposes to her which she agrees to under the condition that they don’t see one another until their dreams come true.

Bakuman’s strong suit is its rich exploration of the manga industry and the challenges of being a mangaka. The sleepless nights, the tireless toil that could likely be for naught and the chance that your hopes and dreams could be crushed in an instant. The life of a mangaka is truly rough and it makes for some compelling drama.All in all Bakuman season 1 is quite an interesting look into the world of manga, it details the ins and outs of daily life for a mangaka and the challenges that they must face.  


Bakuman is a passionate journey of identity and dreams. These two young mangaka dream big and in the quest to accomplish those dreams they find themselves. It is a classic tale and Bakuman does a solid job at it. If you are interested in manga and the manga industry, this will prove to be well worth the watch. Bakuman is a solid anime series, but an even better manga industry exploration.

Author: Luis Vega

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