4 most powerful Hunter x Hunter characters

Zeno Zoldyck

Zeno’s power, speed, and control of Nen is unbelievable. We really get a close up of his powers when he forces Chrollo, a considerably powerful user in his own right, into a corner. Admittedly, Zeno’s son, Silva, was present at the fight and definitely put Chrollo at a disadvantage (even though Silva never really attacked while his father was attacking).Nonetheless, we come to realize that Zeno had not really unleashed his full power during this fight, because we get to see a deeper glimpse of his power as he invades the Chimera Ant’s fortress.



Youpi is a brazen warrior and is the only member of the Chimera Ant Royal Guard that has no human genes within him. Nope, he is Chimera Ant and Magical Beast, and in terms of simple physical strength, he is even stronger than Neferpitou. It’s really Neferpitou’s intellect and abilities that put her a level above. Back to Youpi though



Neferpitou is essentially the second-in-command for the Chimera Ants. She is insanely powerful and fast and her Nen abilities are particularly deadly. Even Netero had to wonder if he would be able to overcome her, but that match up was not meant to happen as he headed for the King. Now, Neferpitou is essentially a puppet master and her abilities can let her control over 50 puppets, essentially creating a mini army.



At the head of the Chimera Ants we have the infamous Meruem. He is a being so impossibly powerful that essentially no one can beat him, and to add to his renown is the fact that he is essentially a newborn. Apparently Gon as an adult could possibly match Meruem’s ability, according to Pitou, but at the moment in the show, Gon cannot handle that future form. That aside, let’s discuss Meruem’s actual powers and why he is at the top of this list.


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