Random Suggestion: Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth.

Stand My Heroes tells the tale of Rei Izumi who is tasked by Japan’s Ministry of Health and law enforcement to create the ultimate narcotics unit, STAND. A good number of candidates happen to already be in law enforcement, and there are others that are in the business world who can still contribute to the story. It’s within her duties to convince these candidates to join STAND.

As a female lead, Rei is a genuinely great character. She works in a respected position as an investigator and has the right motivations for it. Thanks to her mysterious immunity to drugs, she’s the perfect officer for the responsibilities put onto her. She can make mistakes and is never afraid to ask for help, and when something goes wrong, she’s willing to own up to it. Rei is both relatable and admirable, which are the foundations of what makes a main character.


Coming back from the original game is its huge ensemble cast of young men that Rei interacts with to join her cause. While many of the personalities have been done before, this anime does a great job of fitting them within the confines of the story, and in relation to their roles.


Some of the characters that Rei has to interact with are those from the world of business who can operate as informants, and you don’t see those qualities portrayed in the media in general. There are some other qualities nthis series borrows from other nations’ media such as consulting a crime novelist as a profiler, which has been explored in ABC’s Castle, and the 80s hit, Murder, She Wrote. So if you’re looking for a kind of anime that can balance fresh qualities with familiar ones, then that’s more or less the ultimate reason why you NEED to watch Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth.

Author: Luis Vega

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